The Literary Institute has the potential to act as physical space for creating Egham town’s identity through enriching arts, heritage and tourism experiences.  By building on our cultural heritage and historic landscape, this new hub in Egham will become a place residents are proud of and others will want to visit.

Our aspiration is:

  • the Literary Institute to be the cultural hub and centre of life-long learning providing community outreach and engagement;
  • to offer a multi-functional, transformative space that houses the Museum, a community kitchen and café, a flexible exhibition space and community area, plus an indoor makers’ market and start-up office space;
  • to offer a lively programme of events and activities, performances and exhibitions;
  • accessibility via a new glass façade and reconfigured ground floor within the Literary Institute;
  • to capitalise on the Literary Institute’s history within the historic High Street;
  • a tourism offer focused on the Magna Carta connection;
  • to contribute to Runnymede Borough Council’s aims of making Egham a cultural destination.

Over the long term, places with strong, distinctive identities are more likely to prosper than places without them.  Every place must identify its strongest, most distinctive features and develop them or run the risk of being all things to all persons and nothing special to any.


Read through the next pages to find out more about how we envisage this vision coming together.

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